vocabulary words

The following word lists were prepared by the historical linguist Myles Dillon and are organised according to his lessons. His lessons generally followed a grammatical theme and his selection of words seems to have generally been based on the book Séadna by Peadar Ua Laoghaire. Audio by native speakers has been included where available. If you hover your mouse arrow over the picture you can hear the item spoken. The male voice recordings are read by the folklorist, Donncha Ó Cróinín from Baile Bhuirne, Co. Cork. Female Voice recordings are by the Irish actress Gobnait Ní Shúilleabháin. The voice recordings were originally published by Gael-Linn Records. You can use these words to build your own vocabulary and get a sense of the pronunciation and spelling.


Clár na gCaibideal

Table of Contents

  1. The Simple Sentence
    1. masculine
    2. feminine
  2. The Regular Verb
  3. Cases of the Noun
  4. Present of the Verb “to be”
  5. The Verb “to have” and the Past Participle.The Perfect Tense
  6. The Verbal Noun. Past and Future of the Verb “to be”
  7. Particles with ro. Personal Pronouns. Possessives and Pronominals
  8. The Copula
  9. Future, Imperfect, and Conditional Tenses.The Adjective. Sitting, standing, etc.
  10. Tá sé ina fhear. Is and Tá with adjectives.Numerals from one to ten
  11. Declension of Nouns. The Second Conjugation
  12. Rules for Gender. Abstract Nouns. Nouns of agency. Diminutives. The Dual Number. Prepositions
  13. Prepositional Pronouns. Irregular Verbs: “come” and “go”. The Verbal Noun
  14. Uses of the Prepositions. Irregular Verbs: “hear” and “get”
  15. Prepositional Pronouns (contd.). Irregular Verbs: “see” and “say”
  16. Conditional Sentences. Subordinate Clauses. Conjunctions
  17. Liking, thinking, wishing
  18. Weak Plurals and Irregular Nouns
  19. Passive and Impersonal
  20. Irregular Formation of the Verbal Noun. Uses of the Verbal Noun
  21. The Adjective. Irregular Verbs: “bear” and “give”; “do” and “eat”
  22. Irregular Comparison of Adjectives. The Adverb
    1. Irregular Comparison of Adjectives.
    2. The Adverb
  23. Ownership. Buying and Selling
  24. Numbers, days, months and seasons
  25. Imperative and Subjunctive
  26. Relative Sentences
  27. Idioms. Defective Verbs. Points of Syntax
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