vocabulary words

anuraidh ar éigin ar maidin riamh thar n-ais
last year hardly in the morning ever back
arú amáireach arú inné beagnach cad ’na thaobh? choíche
the day after tomorrow the day before yesterday almost why? ever, always
fé láthair geall le go deo go brách go deimhin
at present almost for ever for ever indeed
go léir i gcónai i láthair i mbliana i n-aisce
entirely, all always present this year free, for nothing
i n-aon chor i n-éineacht le istoíche leis ó shin
at all together with at night also since
um thráthnóna
in the evening
Adverbs refer to a verb, adjective or other adverb and answer questions like how, when, where, etc. Here is a list. Some you may already know. Hover your mouse arrow over the picture to hear the word.