vocabulary words

áis bainim as bean bláthach braon
benefit I get from woman buttermilk a drop
cara carad caora caorach cathaoir
friend a friend's sheep a sheep's chair
cathaoireach ceárta cóir comharsa comharsan
a chair's forge right neighbour a neighbour's
comhaireamh cupán fan! gabha gabhann
counting cup stay! blacksmith a blacksmith's
gáire gach aon duine imithe iníor leanbh
a laugh everyone gone away grazing child
plaincéad teanga teangan tuilleadh a thuilleadh
blanket tongue a language's more any more
a forge's
Now we learn a few more preposition forms, including out, in, under. Also two more common verbs with irregular forms. Hover your mouse arrow over the picture to hear the words below.